Definition of button grass in English:

button grass


mass nounAustralian
  • A grass or sedge with compact rounded flowering heads.

    a large tufted sedge (Gymnoschoenus spaerocephalus, family Cyperaceae).

    an annual grass (Dactyloctenium radulans, family Gramineae).

    • ‘I've often looked at what we call wombat lawns here where the wombats nibble down all the shrubbery in the button grass plain and if I look at the wombat scats you can find fragments of lichens there.’
    • ‘Button grass is generally a short-lived annual and is not frost tolerant, but can be a short-lived perennial.’
    • ‘But much of this land was of little use to loggers - huge dams, coastal reserves, button grass and scree.’
    • ‘I drove through the Tarkine area and it includes large tracts of button grass and sparsely forested land, areas that loggers aren't that interested in (which I think helps to explain Kate's statistic of 89% being safe from logging).’
    • ‘Day four was another early rise for the teams with a 22 km leg planned along the beach, through button grass planes, coastal headlands, and an ever-present bog.’