Definition of button-quail in English:



  • A small quail-like Old World bird related to the rails, with only three toes.

    Family Turnicidae and genus Turnix: several species, including the widespread barred button-quail (T. suscitator) of Asia (also called bustard quail)

    Also called hemipode
    • ‘In fact, black-breasted button-quails seldom fly: if disturbed they freeze on the spot or run away.’
    • ‘Guide Mike West said button-quails were rarely seen and it might be that they had been in the area but were wrongly identified as true quails.’
    • ‘Many people keep button quails in the bottom of their aviary, for variety as well as to help clean up spilled seed.’
    • ‘Also known as Chinese painted quail, button quail are the smallest of the quails.’