Definition of buttinsky in English:



North American
  • An interfering person.

    • ‘Esther is also a self-absorbed buttinsky, the kind that manages to ruin just about every family gathering and certainly doesn't make an exception of this one.’
    • ‘This guy has a son in your troop and he's just there because they either needed a troop leader or because he's a buttinsky and didn't think the existing troop leaders were doing a good job.’
    • ‘I am trying so hard not to be a buttinsky, but do you think there's some way I can encourage them in a direction I know would be rewarding for them?’
    meddler, interferer, mischief-maker, troublemaker, gossip, scandalmonger, muckraker, eavesdropper, intruder, ghoul, gawker
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Early 20th century: from butt in (see butt) and -ski, formed in humorous imitation of the final element in many Russian names.