Definition of butterfly ray in English:

butterfly ray


  • A small ray of warm coastal waters with very broad triangular fins.

    Family Gymnuridae and genus Gymnura: several species, including G. natalensis

    • ‘The butterfly rays are among the most handsome and graceful of the rays.’
    • ‘Some stingray species do not possess stings, such as some of the butterfly rays and devil rays.’
    • ‘Our divers on Tuesday's dive (Chris and Tim) were absolutely thrilled to witness one of our most beautiful rays, the marbled butterfly ray, at Playa Paraiso.’
    • ‘A huge ray is cruising into the distance but I can just make out its beautiful markings and wider-than-normal wings that suggest it's a butterfly ray, a species I've never seen before.’
    • ‘There are common turtle sightings, butterfly rays, bull rays, octopus, cuttlefish and lots and lots of fish!’