Definition of butterfly knife in English:

butterfly knife


  • A long, broad knife used in pairs in some forms of kung fu.

    • ‘His right arm flung out in the gesture with which one would toss a coin into a wishing well, and there appeared in that hand a butterfly knife.’
    • ‘He pulled his butterfly knife from his pocket and undid the clasp, flipping it open and closed beneath the desk.’
    • ‘Taylor easily slipped her fingers into Mac's boot and pulled out a butterfly knife.’
    • ‘Suddenly the man pulled a butterfly knife out of his pocket and opened it up.’
    • ‘When Jack first arrives on the island, he's armed only with a butterfly knife and his wits.’
    • ‘I learned to flick a butterfly knife open and shut in a threatening manner.’
    • ‘The time for determining whether a person has a reasonable excuse for having a butterfly knife is when he is found to be in possession of it.’
    • ‘Sarah yelled as she reached for a butterfly knife.’
    • ‘As he lay prostrate, the thug stabbed him several times with a butterfly knife.’
    • ‘Skyler drew in a nervous breath and continued forward as he placed his hand on the butterfly knife inside his pocket.’