Definition of butter muslin in English:

butter muslin


mass nounBritish
  • Loosely woven cotton cloth, formerly used for wrapping butter.

    • ‘However, by that time there was a distinct bulge in the region of her waist, which no careful draping of butter muslin and tinsel would conceal, and she was henceforth known as ‘the pregnant fairy’.’
    • ‘Between them they made all the costumes out of crepe paper, butter muslin and silver paper as material was still expensive and difficult to come by as an aftermath of the war.’
    • ‘If you like the skin crisp, remove the butter muslin and return the turkey to the oven for an extra 5-10 minutes.’
    • ‘Tie the bits into a piece of butter muslin, loosely.’
    • ‘They consisted of ‘cotton wool pads enclosed in butter muslin, large enough to cover the mouth and nose, and with tapes at each corner to tie at the back of the head.’’