Definition of butter knife in English:

butter knife


  • A knife whose blade has a blunt, rounded end, used for spreading butter.

    • ‘Since you weren't allowed to touch pills with your fingers, you used an implement much like a butter knife.’
    • ‘Zero tolerance has given us the expulsion of students for using a knife in a science experiment, for leaving a butter knife in a car on school grounds, for carrying a folded nail file in a backpack.’
    • ‘And if I buy it, the first thing I'll do is go out and chop that damn tree down, with a blunt butter knife, if I have to.’
    • ‘Gently scrape the label off the clothing with a paring knife, a butter knife or another straight edge, such as a credit card or a ruler.’
    • ‘The meat just fell off the ribs, and I certainly did not need the supplied steak knife, I could have used the butter knife, it was so tender.’
    • ‘She perused a butter knife before placing it next to a plate on the table.’
    • ‘Once sexy and exhilarating, it now has the cutting edge of a butter knife.’
    • ‘At that time gently dig into the soil around the cutting with a kitchen butter knife and lift out the new plant.’
    • ‘The butter knife slipped from her hand to the table with a piercing clatter.’
    • ‘But the conversation was about as sharp as a butter knife.’


butter knife