Definition of butter bean in English:

butter bean


  • A lima bean, especially one of a variety with large flat white seeds.

    • ‘These include the motchai murugakkai masala, a combination of butter beans and drumsticks.’
    • ‘Even 8-year-old Sasha Krumm, who rode his bike to the garden nearly every day, although his pumpkin never got much bigger than a butter bean.’
    • ‘When mature seeds are sold in the USA, they may be called snail beans, butter beans (white ones), or pea beans.’
    • ‘An unusual menu is constructed around good produce, with a fondness for under-rated ingredients such as rabbit, Swiss chard, pike, kipper and butter bean.’
    • ‘Variations on hummus can be made with beans, such as dried fava beans, butter beans or any dried white bean.’
    • ‘Chuck in some butter beans or similar if you have them.’
    • ‘Edamame or butter bean soybeans are varieties that are best used at the green stage, when the seeds have just plumped the pods.’
    • ‘It's as tiny as a butter bean and individuals appear to have been exquisitely enamelled by different artists.’
    • ‘I had been unable to find butter beans, in a can or otherwise.’
    • ‘In a bowl, combine the butter beans and water.’
    • ‘One man ordered butter beans which was difficult to prepare, but it was something his mum made him when he was a kid and I knew it would take him back to a time when it was peaceful.’
    • ‘To serve, set an oven-dried tomato and veal shank in the center of a plate and spoon some carrots, butter beans, and veal sauce on top.’
    • ‘Ramsden offers an unusual and stimulating menu constructed around good produce, with a fondness for underrated ingredients such as rabbit, swiss chard, pike, kipper and butter beans.’
    • ‘Although chick peas are classic for hummus, any canned bean will convert into a delicious purée for dipping toasted pitta, flat bread or raw vegetables; my own favourite is made from butter beans.’
    • ‘Today, according to The Oxford Companion to Food, authentic paella ingredients also include fresh butter beans - but not green Italian peppers, onion, garlic, snap peas, artichoke hearts, parsley, or rosemary.’
    • ‘We also had home made fish cakes, butter beans and dried peas steeped in water.’
    • ‘Keith owns and operates a pair of restaurants specializing in the food of his Jamaican homeland, such as jerk chicken and oxtail, cooked with butter beans.’
    • ‘But I've realised tonight that I don't like my fave recipe - Lentil, butter bean and lime soup.’
    • ‘Succotash is a South American dish of butter beans with sweet corn.’
    • ‘We had lunch in our hotel, and they served Southern standards, butter beans, potatoes, fried chicken, hush puppies and one thing I thought was stuffing.’


butter bean