Definition of butt out in English:

butt out

phrasal verb

North American
  • Stop interfering.

    ‘politicians should butt out of these cases’
    • ‘Until government butts out, reduces taxes and allows a level playing field, the system isn't going to work.’
    • ‘Basically, she told me to butt out, which I thought was a bit ungrateful of her, because I was only trying to help.’
    • ‘Maybe I should try to party Christmas away, and then butt out, since it was beginning to feel like the end of the world.’
    • ‘These are personal decisions and the government should butt out, plain and simple.’
    • ‘Both should butt out, stop blocking the view and start letting their top players get on with the game.’
    • ‘Sometimes it's best if the originator of the piece butts out and lets the professionals take over.’
    • ‘On the other hand, I recall a caller asking Dr. Laura what to do about the fact that she found out that her kid's teachers was gay, and Dr. Laura replied that it was none of her business, to butt out.’
    • ‘Be able to tell your parents when to butt out and when to come riding to the rescue.’
    • ‘Well, as more celebrities join Cindy Sheehan's antiwar movement, some say stars have no place in this and other anti-war causes and they should just butt out.’
    • ‘Far more than wanting smokers to stub their fags out, I want the illiberal liberals now running health policy to butt out of people's personal habits.’