Definition of butt naked in English:

butt naked


  • Completely naked.

    • ‘Somehow standing butt naked in the shower on a cold morning or evening isn't such an attractive prospect.’
    • ‘Everyone on the beach was butt naked!’
    • ‘Consider all free movement rescinded unless you plan on wandering around butt naked.’
    • ‘I don't know how he got a photo of me when I was three, dancing butt naked in our lounge room at home.’
    • ‘His hands waved as he described running from the cops butt naked when someone called them.’
    • ‘It quickly dawned on us that we were expected to get naked, butt naked.’
    • ‘And there for the second time in my life, I was proposed to when butt naked.’
    • ‘They're jealous, naturally, but they also know damn well that they couldn't get him if they arrived in his bedroom butt naked.’
    • ‘"Some do more than that… They strip down butt naked."’
    • ‘And if Spurs are still ahead of Arsenal by Christmas, I'll pose butt-naked and post the picture here.’
    • ‘A good idea would be if he would agree to let you do my butt-naked pushups if I lost.’
    • ‘In other words you really don't need to be butt naked to be sexy.’
    • ‘The Emporer is still butt naked underneath.’
    • ‘However, I'm fairly confident that "butt naked" is more than ten years old.’
    • ‘I personally prefer to have a lady dressed in something sexy that leaves a bit to the imagination rather than standing in front of me butt naked.’
    • ‘They arrive on the scene just after Don Quijote has finished mimicking a lover gone insane butt naked in the mountains.’
    • ‘Yeah, but guess which one we get to see butt-naked?’
    • ‘I tore down the sunscreens and stripped butt naked.’
    • ‘Do they go butt-naked on the stage in this production?’
    • ‘He was passed out, butt naked on the floor when I came in.’


butt naked

/bʌt ˈneɪkɪd/