Definition of butt in in English:

butt in

phrasal verb

  • Interrupt or intrude on a conversation or activity.

    ‘sorry to butt in on you’
    • ‘Yeah, anyway, the butting in randomly into the conversation really wasn't working.’
    • ‘And now these so-called friends of his are butting their way into his re-election campaign and attacking his opponent's combat record.’
    • ‘Suddenly, Dave Hill - who was sitting in on the conversation - butted in and offered his opinion.’
    • ‘Somehow, at the dinner table, I found myself butting in on their conversations like I'd been with them all my life.’
    • ‘Kyle mock glared at Jack for butting in on his little conversation starter.’
    • ‘At the tail end of this conversation colleague number two butts in uninvited, with a little gem aimed in my direction.’
    • ‘Don't butt in on a conversation your girlfriend is having with a cute boy!’
    • ‘‘Your teachers have no business butting their noses into my personal life,’ Sean said through gritted teeth.’
    • ‘‘You never said that,’ I say, butting in on our own conversation.’
    • ‘I asked and noticed that practically every girl was listening in and some were trying to butt in on the conversation.’
    interrupt, break in, cut in, chime in, interject, interpose, intervene
    put one's oar in
    poke one's nose in, poke one's nose into
    chip in
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