Definition of butt heads in English:

butt heads


North American
  • Engage in conflict or be in strong disagreement.

    • ‘Scientists achieve great things, he argued, because, like rams butting heads on the African veldt, they're attempting to woo mates and ensure their genetic heritage.’
    • ‘A sequence of senior staff members butted heads with the charismatic editor, but the magazine's intellectual identity was as recalcitrant as its finances.’
    • ‘Who should have done what was clearly the issue for debate as the Brechin men butted foreheads and debated the point.’
    • ‘Swinging Sinatra butts heads with button down Robinson until a quick ending and easy solution are found.’
    • ‘And if they're butting heads in there, and they do call for the bailiff or whatever, then the judge will interview each one of them and try to see if there's any - if there's any way any one of them could change their minds in this.’
    • ‘But though they are a team publicly, they continue to butt heads privately over ideas, people, and the nature of the future, in a relationship that is both a rare love affair and intellectual warfare.’
    • ‘He can be cocky and arrogant, always butting heads with local medical professionals.’
    • ‘I wrote an essay once and it was really extremely violent, about a CIA guy and a KGB guy butting horns.’
    • ‘Secretary Powell was known for the one who was butting heads and really trying to push in certain instances a different agenda.’
    • ‘I believe having the a-pawns continue to butt heads is better for White.’
    • ‘I'm not sure, however, how much a someone who joyfully butts heads with opponents actually wins in Washington, DC.’
    • ‘I had so many examples of our butting heads about design.’
    • ‘We're still going to physical therapy to try to get you to put weight on your legs, but I think we're butting heads with the most stubborn part of your personality.’
    • ‘Well, the leader of UNHCR will always be butting heads with world governments.’
    • ‘Well, this is around the time I also started butting heads a lot with Richard, among others.’
    • ‘And you could challenge him on those opinions, and sometimes we kind of butted heads about stuff, but we always managed to work it out.’
    • ‘The elected president of her campus Hillel, she tried to pull together a balanced panel discussion on the conflict, but soon butted heads with her supervisor at the local Jewish Community Center.’
    • ‘The cycle of negativity has to be broken, and I think it's time to take another approach at making things work, because butting heads is obviously not working.’
    • ‘And it's very intense, and it's good to have somebody really strong to butt heads against.’
    • ‘Maybe that's the BIG MYSTERY of why journalists and bloggers are butting heads.’