Definition of butt dialling in English:

butt dialling

(US butt dialing)


mass nounUS
  • The action of inadvertently calling someone on a mobile phone in one's rear trouser pocket.

    ‘thanks to screen locks, butt dialling is almost a thing of the past’
    • ‘If you have ever been the victim of butt dialing you know what I'm talking about.’
    • ‘If you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in a room during certain conversations, butt dialing allows that.’
    • ‘The phone could learn what kind of pressure means it's just in your pocket - no more accidental "butt dialing."’
    • ‘The extra security of having to swipe away the initial screen in order to put in your lock password, code or pattern gives an extra level of protection to the all too famous "butt dialing."’
    • ‘For someone who must remain in constant contact with Mets players and executives, the butt dialing has complicated things a bit.’
    • ‘The deluge of "butt dialling" received much more intensive scrutiny after the head of the Federal Communications Commission described the problem as "a national emergency."’
    • ‘Whether this hyper-sensitive touch layer can lead to "butt dialing" in certain scenarios remains to be seen after we spend more time with the handset.’
    • ‘She laughed but then reiterated her claim that the butt dialing was her phone's fault.’
    • ‘Craig, are you implying the curved screen cellphone will reduce accidental "butt dialing"?’