Definition of Buteyko in English:



  • as modifier Of or denoting a technique of controlled breathing claimed to alleviate asthma.

    ‘the Buteyko method claims remarkable success in treating asthma’
    • ‘Campbell had taken a Buteyko course which promptly alleviated her chronic asthma.’
    • ‘Kelly wanted to learn the Buteyko breathing techniques as she had heard they could help to control asthma symptoms.’
    • ‘After being treated by the Buteyko method thousands of people have recovered from asthma, hypertension, panic attacks and many other conditions.’
    • ‘Called the Buteyko technique it has totally changed Murphy's life.’
    • ‘The Buteyko technique seeks to correct your routine breathing so you retain more CO2 with each breath.’


1990s: named after the Russian physiologist Konstantin Buteyko (born 1923), who devised the technique.