Definition of buteo in English:



  • A bird of prey of a group distinguished by broad wings that are used for soaring.

    Buteo and related genera, family Accipitridae; many species, including the buzzards and the American red-tailed and Harris' hawks

    • ‘It's easy this time of year to forget that the skies belong to birds other than buteos, accipiters, and their ilk.’
    • ‘The Swainson's Hawk is a slender buteo, similar in length to the Red-tailed Hawk, but with a longer wingspan and weighing about 20% less.’
    • ‘For example, most buteos eat primarily small mammals and most accipiters prey on birds.’
    • ‘I saw an Eagle, most likely a Spotted Eagle, a buteo of some sort, and an accipiter, either a Eurasian Sparrowhawk or a Levant Sparrowhawk.’
    • ‘Even better, we enjoyed long side-by-side views of the buteo next to a Northern Harrier, by far the most common raptor at Croton Point.’


From Latin buteo ‘buzzard, hawk’.