Definition of butcher's meat in English:

butcher's meat

(also butcher meat)


mass nounBritish
  • Fresh uncured meat excluding game and poultry.

    • ‘She bought butcher meat with her pocket money and, when that ran out, she resorted to pinching the family dog's food.’
    • ‘Proto-humans gathered around an anvil to make tools, butcher meat, and to eat.’
    • ‘The current contract for the supply and distribution of fresh butcher meat comes to an end on. 4 February 2006.’
    • ‘The painting, measuring 16 feet in width, deploys across its surface three naked figures, tied together with string on top like butcher's meat.’
    • ‘We cover all aspects of butcher meat including beef, pork, lamb.’
    • ‘In the first instance, rationing would be applied to five foodstuffs - butcher's meat, bacon, ham, sugar, butter, margarine, and cooking fats.’
    • ‘But the relative values of these two different species of food, bread and butcher's meat, are very different in the different periods of agriculture.’