Definition of but that in English:

but that


  • Other than that; except that.

    ‘she would have screamed, but that her cry would have called her masters’
    • ‘He had no doubt but that this banking system was burdensome to the citizens of the United States.’
    • ‘There is no doubt but that both were on their best behaviour in this year's campaign.’
    • ‘There is no doubt but that Ireland has seen a surge in prices over the past five years.’
    • ‘There can be little doubt but that the methods of projective differential geometry will serve to throw a flood of light upon the theory of conjugate triple systems.’
    • ‘Although there is little doubt but that all types of shrinkage, and certainly this type, have apparently always been a major area of concern for all types of concrete construction, I found out a long time ago that it is certainly true for concrete floors.’