Definition of busy Lizzie in English:

busy Lizzie


  • An East African plant with abundant red, pink, or white flowers. It is widely grown as a houseplant, and its many hybrids are grown as bedding plants.

    Impatiens walleriana, family Balsaminaceae

    Also called impatiens
    • ‘The busy Lizzies I'm really pleased with but they don't complement the begonias, which are bursting out on all sides.’
    • ‘My busy Lizzies are grown from seed rather than bought in off the shelf but, unfortunately, they never reach the seeding stage.’
    • ‘Impatiens, better known as busy Lizzies, have become one of the most popular container plants.’
    • ‘Petunias and busy Lizzies are ideal choices, and busy Lizzies enjoy a modicum of shade.’
    • ‘In spite of impatiens' odd common names - like busy Lizzie, touch-me-not, and snapweed - their meteoric rise to fame isn't surprising.’


busy Lizzie

/ˌbɪzi ˈlɪzi/