Definition of busy bee in English:

busy bee


  • An industrious person.

    • ‘You could well describe the 3,400 tonne frigate and her ship's company of 163 led by CMDR Mike Noonan as busy bees.’
    • ‘Armed with baubles, craft knives, glue, string and shiny material, Forkhill Senior Citizens were busy bees preparing their Christmas tree decorations last week.’
    • ‘Brooke Hogan has actually been a busy bee, Christine.’
    • ‘Hellenic's goalkeeper Gareth Ormshaw was a busy bee in goal and produced breathtaking saves to deny the few shoots that threatened his goal.’
    • ‘Additionally, its residents get out of town and further cross-pollinate other locales, like truly busy bees!’
    • ‘And local film critics have been busy bees lately, watching several films a day at advance press screenings.’
    • ‘These complexes are a blessing in disguise for the busy bees like me.’
    • ‘He stopped in his tracks and looked around, a monstrous task with all the students bustling around him like busy bees.’
    • ‘She felt a tinge of delicious jealousy for her most beautiful of siblings. ‘That gorgeous cad Elrion has been quite the busy bee, dear seraph.’’
    • ‘As a result of five busy bees during that time, the once messy and disorganised community project has been revitalised.’
    • ‘As Joel begins to see why he fell for Clem in the first place, the busy bees that buzz around his body begin to reveal some of their own tangled dysfunctionality.’
    • ‘As I entered the gym I saw all the men swarming like busy bees around their coach.’
    • ‘Before Bill can get the busy bee Jo to slow down and sign the papers, a weather alert comes in and the team's caravan is off tornado hunting, this time with a peeved Bill in tow.’
    • ‘After several years her sculptures caught someone's eye and ever since then she's been a busy bee.’
    • ‘Kean was another busy bee, but his header after 72 minutes should have gone much closer to goal.’
    • ‘Combine all that work with a propaganda documentary that would have made the Nazis blush and nobody can say she's not been a busy bee.’
    • ‘I strolled up to the front desk and leaned on the counter, staring at the busy bee of a lady working behind it.’
    • ‘I was scurrying around the place, a sort of busy bee.’
    • ‘The busy bee worked for over six months programming and reprogramming this, creating hundreds of frames of animation, and some truly awe-inspiring features.’
    • ‘Although he's a busy bee, we still hang out in LA when we get the chance.’
    worker, organizer, activist, man of action, achiever, high achiever, succeeder, hustler, entrepreneur
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