Definition of busway in English:



  • A road or section of a road set apart exclusively for buses, typically one equipped with tracks or grooves for guiding them.

    • ‘Jakarta Public Works Agency director Fodly Misbach said the construction of the busways would be finished by November of next year.’
    • ‘The second alternative is implementing electronic road pricing on certain roads near the busway corridors.’
    • ‘In a city where a terrace house can be bought for £27,000, the first two shelters cost £60,000 each and will go into use on the Manchester Road guided busway at the end of next month.’
    • ‘Part of the Manchester Road guided busway will also be closed during the work, which is part of the £20 million South Bradford Integrated Transport Scheme.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the allocation of one lane exclusively for the busway has only reduced the capacity of Jakarta's main throughway to absorb traffic.’
    • ‘The toll scheme could generate £740m for public transport improvements, such as busways and trams.’
    • ‘The City Planning Agency is now tasked with re-evaluating the cash-strapped budget to collect any penny available to finance the busway's fast-track scheme.’
    • ‘Local residents, businesses and other organisations are to be consulted on the developments, which could include park-and-ride facilities, bus lanes and guided busways as well as new bus stops and high-quality buses.’
    • ‘How many passengers per hour can pass down a rail track, or down a busway?’
    • ‘Better use needs to be made of the suburban rail system, and it needs to be better integrated with busways.’
    • ‘Just knowing that the Sierra Club is acknowledging the potential of bus systems gives me the energy to keep pushing for increased service, traffic-signal priority, busways, and cleaner-fuel buses.’
    • ‘Many trees have been felled to make way for the busway lanes and stations.’
    • ‘Mr Davies said the bus - which will cost around £250,000 - was coming to Yorkshire first because of other successful regional projects, including guided busways in Leeds and Bradford.’
    • ‘He pointed out that bus patronage had risen by 10 per cent on the A63 and A64 in East Leeds and the A641 Manchester Road in Bradford with guided busways, bus lanes and new shelters.’
    • ‘It outlines plans to bring in guided busways on routes that will not get Metrolink tram lines, including the long-planned route from Leigh to Manchester.’
    • ‘The one-month tryout is partly to anticipate the operation of 56 new buses along the busway special lane starting on Jan.15.’
    • ‘Work has started on just one of these, the busways, which will improve access to Edinburgh Park and South Gyle.’
    • ‘But, I also understand that motorists don't like the busway because its lanes take up space on the main roads.’
    • ‘Extensive research into public transport demand in Leigh shows the area would be best served by a guided busway which will offer a reliable, fast public transport service.’
    • ‘An expansion to dedicated busways is also being considered.’