Definition of bustline in English:



  • The measurement round a woman's body at the bust.

    ‘these figure-enhancing bras will immediately increase your bustline’
    • ‘Do wear a bathing suit top that emphasizes your bustline.’
    • ‘The ‘cups’ obviously fit around her growing bustline and weren't too hard to figure out.’
    • ‘She was wearing a teal green dress, sleeveless, and cut in a deep ‘V’ at the bustline, made of a fabric that clung tightly to her body.’
    • ‘The weekly's West Coast style editor, Steven Cojocaru, said the problem with her bustline was that it seemed to sag from lack of a proper brassiere.’
    • ‘She felt her arms, stronger than before from the sword practice with Doriel, gracefully hold back the old lecher who was now fascinated by her bustline.’
    • ‘This may ensure a better shoulder and sleeve fit, but remember it also will require additional fitting adjustments to make the pattern larger in the bustline and/or through the torso and waistline.’
    • ‘The bustline, armhole and sleeve fit correctly and are balanced for the plus figure.’
    • ‘The sleeveless bodice and scooped neckline lay closely against her bustline.’
    • ‘Accent bustline with a deep neckline or off-the-shoulder bodice.’
    • ‘This hot black halter top enhances your bustline with silk chiffon layered over silk charmeuse for a diaphanous effect with velvet trim.’
    • ‘If your bust measurement is a full size larger or smaller than the pattern, blend the adjustment line from the waistline to the bustline of the next size.’
    • ‘If you were to look in a mirror and see a bone structure enhanced by cheekbone implants or a bustline pert with silicone, would the so-called improvements bring an enhanced sense of satisfaction with the self?’
    • ‘‘Okay,’ he said eagerly, staring at her bustline.’
    • ‘For example, a suit with a bold strip of magenta across the chest highlights a lovely bustline, and a block of darker color around the hips diverts attention away from that area.’
    • ‘She had reduced her joke-provoking bustline from 42D to 34B and instead of squeezing herself into ill-fitting size 20 tops and elasticated skirts, she could take her pick from the high street size 12 rails.’