Definition of bustier in English:



  • A close-fitting strapless top worn by women.

    • ‘Ixta stood up, and ripped off the gown she was wearing, revealing a green bustier, and a green skirt.’
    • ‘New York fashion shows styled clothes to be layered from bustier to top jacket.’
    • ‘Dressed in rust-coloured raw silk bustiers and matching chiffon skirts, the bridesmaids included Majella's daughter Siobhán and Daniel's niece Patricia.’
    • ‘By 1957's standards, the effect was shocking, as audiences witnessed vivid surgery scenes, bloody battles, and plenty of buxom beauties on hand to fill the screen with their bulging bustiers.’
    • ‘She wore a bustier clad with seashells, and her lower body was covered with fish like scales.’
    • ‘Wraparound or flutteringly light dresses, bustiers with tiny shorts.’
    • ‘They wobble on their heels and hike up their bustiers as the guys around them attempt to act cool.’
    • ‘Corset shirts and rigid cage bustiers accentuate a curvy new silhouette.’
    • ‘She plays a bar girl whose bustiers keep getting tinier, and someone who keeps Salman able company in more ways than one.’
    • ‘Whenever we see her, she is wearing stylish, provocative clothes, from bustiers to shorts, to crucifixes and big, exotic earrings.’
    • ‘Instead, its biggest sellers are PVC trousers with matching tops, bustiers and corsets that can be worn out clubbing as well as underneath more sedate outfits.’
    • ‘She hit the mark with her houndstooth fit-and-flare skirts, often paired with waist-defining corset bustiers.’
    • ‘The work takes us from Hollywood hyperbole and reality TV to video-game warfare and the macho military leader's weakness for glamorous gold bustiers and high heels.’
    • ‘Net-covered bustiers, two-tone dresses, huge zips on the outside of garments - these are clothes for rarefied tastes and far removed from anything to do with the mass-market high street.’
    • ‘Wear a silky bustier under your black tailored pantsuit.’
    • ‘I see women in Manhattan wearing leopard-print miniskirts, bustiers and stiletto heels, with platinum-blond hair, and the only way I can infer class distinctions is by the size of the dog they're walking.’
    • ‘This night she wore a black bustier, black leather pants and a black overcoat.’
    • ‘PVC corsets, purple sequined cat suits, strappy boots and bustiers provided razzle dazzle while crotch pouches and stockings added even more raunch.’
    • ‘If you put her in a T-shirt or you put her in a bustier, she's sexy in both.’
    • ‘Afterward she slipped on her blue flare pants, which looked like a long skirt and a strapless bustier, royal blue with sequins.’


1970s: from French, from buste (see bust).