Definition of Buster Brown in English:

Buster Brown


North American
  • 1Attributive Designating a style of dress, or an item of clothing, reminiscent of the attire of Buster Brown. Chiefly in "Buster Brown suit", "Buster Brown collar".

  • 2A make of children's shoe, especially a simple, sturdy boy's shoe. Compare "Mary Jane". [A trademark in the United States.]

  • 3Hairdressing. A hairstyle that resembles that of Buster Brown; a bob or pageboy cut. Usually attributive.


Early 20th century; earliest use found in The Manitoba Free Press. From Buster Brown, the name of a boy comic-strip character whose stereotypically innocent appearance contrasted with his disruptive behaviour.


Buster Brown

/ˌbʌstə ˈbraʊn/