Definition of bustee in English:



  • A slum area or shanty town.

    • ‘The consequences of ill-health for bustee dwellers are examined and the coping strategies employed are described.’
    • ‘As the plant expanded and changed over to the more dangerous production of pesticides, bustees burgeoned around its periphery.’
    • ‘This bustee is a camp, called ‘New Life Colony,’ for refugees from East Bengal.’
    • ‘The first few bustees that came in for attention were the ones where the population comprised mostly of Company employees.’
    • ‘In the bustees, or slums, the real victims were working out their own unrealisable compensation claims.’
    • ‘The target is 18,700 new water taps for the bustees providing 20 gallons of water per head per day.’
    • ‘We took a little boat out and I demonstrated my inability to row for more than ten minutes as we passed the small shanty (or ‘bustee’) communities which line the waterways of the city.’
    • ‘Even among the Dalits their number does not attract political leaders to come to their bustees and seek vote.’
    • ‘On Sundays she would visit the poor in the bustees, the slums areas of Calcutta.’


From Hindi bastī ‘dwelling’.