Definition of bust someone's chops in English:

bust someone's chops


North American
  • Nag or criticize someone.

    ‘I'm not busting your chops over this’
    • ‘And you will bust your kid's chops if he or she screws it up.’
    • ‘Larry and Mimi have lots of help and support to offer if and when I need it, and they don't bust my chops when I don't.’
    • ‘On that score, as long as I have him on the line, I feel it's my duty to bust his chops a bit on behalf of crestfallen kids everywhere.’
    • ‘Passport control officers entered the train, and immediately started busting the chops of everyone in our cabin.’
    • ‘‘If one of us was lagging, the other three would bust his chops about it,’ says Yancey.’
    • ‘That's all I need, having the boss watch my every move so he can bust my chops.’
    • ‘I'll stop busting your chops about Dante, I swear.’
    • ‘Not that he shies from making contact - actually, he's quite the opposite of shy - but if he does, it'll be to bust the chops of some poor wide receiver.’
    • ‘I know I bust your chops a lot, but you're a real good kid.’
    • ‘You can't bust my chops for telling him about the place.’
    • ‘Look, I know I've been really hard on you in the past, and I've busted your chops for a lot of things that really weren't your fault.’
    • ‘So as part of the customer service team, it will be your job to make prank calls to these companies and to basically ‘bust their chops’.’
    • ‘‘You used to be the one busting my chops,’ Steve told Maria.’