Definition of buskined in English:



  • See buskin

    • ‘Below the knee his legs were naked, ending in a buskined moccasin, that fitted tightly round the ankle.’
    • ‘I just hope that the Bishops’ conferences won't drag their buskined feet over it, hoping that Pope Benedict will conveniently die, and the whole project be dropped.’
    • ‘All the other comic writers of antiquity aim only at rendering folly or vice ridiculous, but never exalt their characters into buskined pomp, or make what Voltaire humorously calls a tradesman's tragedy.’
    • ‘Again did my mistress’ needs drag me from these labours, and the buskined poet by Cupid was undone.’
    • ‘There was also a cope of exquisite grey silk on which was woven a female figure with buskined legs, wearing a short sky-blue tunic and the red Phrygian cap.’