Definition of businesswoman in English:



  • A woman who works in commerce, especially at executive level.

    ‘a successful and self-reliant businesswoman’
    • ‘She was the only prominent businesswoman present.’
    • ‘She reveals her own personal journey to overcome racism, sexism, and class prejudice to become the successful businesswoman she is today.’
    • ‘She was also an astute businesswoman, eventually running three cafes and a catering business.’
    • ‘The lady is a very strong, confident and successful businesswoman.’
    • ‘In a league of her own, the savvy businesswoman is a self-made franchise.’
    • ‘Life for a successful businesswoman is not always a bed of roses.’
    • ‘The move to a smaller company will be welcomed as a sensible move by a brilliant businesswoman.’
    • ‘I admired and respected my mother for being a successful businesswoman.’
    • ‘The women range from agricultural workers to affluent businesswomen.’
    • ‘A successful businesswoman whose private life is filled with the very same mistakes you made.’
    • ‘I had a dream that one day she would become a successful businesswoman.’
    • ‘She is an astute businesswoman who has turned this into a successful business.’
    • ‘An enterprising young businesswoman is the proprietor of a new restaurant which has opened at Main Street, Newport.’
    • ‘The reception provided businesswomen with an opportunity to hear from three inspirational speakers and network with fellow leaders across the region.’
    • ‘She raised the money herself as a subtly shrewd businesswoman.’
    • ‘She was not only a brilliant businesswoman, but also that she was passionate and committed to the work she published.’
    • ‘She served as his personal manager, and developed a reputation as a brilliant businesswoman.’
    • ‘The 1990s have seen her emergence as a formidable businesswoman who fearlessly took on adversaries.’
    • ‘In the process, they became the richest businesswomen in the world.’
    • ‘She stuck with businesswomen suits, fancy blouses and specifically designed dresses.’
    • ‘She has shown herself to be a formidable businesswoman, turning her hand to writing, designing, and horse riding.’
    • ‘As the patron of the Economist Businesswoman Conferences, she openly discusses such issues with businesswomen in the north.’
    • ‘A businesswoman of immense energy, competence, and focus, she had worked punishingly hard for many years, and was now reaping the rewards.’
    • ‘The businesswomen and their center were featured on several radio and television stations.’
    • ‘By helping a customer find what he wanted, the brilliant businesswoman was actually growing the value and brand of the store.’
    • ‘She quickly established herself as a formidable businesswoman.’
    • ‘The 36-year-old businesswoman ran a hugely successful Polish firm, exporting more than 300 million tomatoes each season to restaurant chains and major supermarkets.’
    • ‘Prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer she was a very successful businesswoman in the publishing world.’