Definition of business park in English:

business park


  • An area where company offices and light industrial premises are built.

    • ‘They say Rochdale council is considering earmarking the land for a possible business park as part of a review of its unitary development plan.’
    • ‘As more businesses move onto the business park, it could strengthen the case for the bypass to be built.’
    • ‘Sectors of the business park will be aimed specifically at IT companies.’
    • ‘In the chosen draft, the complex will have two main areas - a commercial area and the actual business park.’
    • ‘The site was close to a health centre, schools, shops and a business park, with the town in easy reach.’
    • ‘Work is under way on a £3 million regeneration project to breathe new life into a Bradford business park.’
    • ‘Mr Sutcliffe told the meeting that the lane had been a quiet country lane, but now had heavy lorries using it to get to a nearby business park.’
    • ‘The Kingsway Action Group wanted to turn the land at Kingsway and Stanney into a village green to stop the area becoming a business park.’
    • ‘Planning is also being sought for the development of a large business park near the town.’
    • ‘Once up and running, they are expected to move out of the centre and into the business park or other nearby premises.’
    • ‘A tiny car valeting business has won its battle to stay on a Colchester business park for now.’
    • ‘Firms on the business park and industrial estate in Altham have voted against a bid to boost security.’
    • ‘Three explosions rocked a business park as a huge fire destroyed a garden ornament factory.’
    • ‘He is best known within the property industry for developing a business park on the site of a huge former rubbish dump near Heathrow airport.’
    • ‘Geaney is to redevelop it into a business park for manufacturing and office based industries.’
    • ‘A modern business park will be developed on lands adjacent to the airport.’
    • ‘Concerned residents have expressed their fears that plans to build a new business park could reduce their village to chaos.’
    • ‘Another local developer is building a business park in the town.’
    • ‘The intention, it appears, was to embrace all the undeveloped areas of the business park in a single consolidating permission.’
    • ‘Their concerns over contamination increased when plans for 650 homes and a business park were submitted last December.’


business park