Definition of business cycle in English:

business cycle


  • A cycle or series of cycles of economic expansion and contraction.

    Also called trade cycle
    • ‘They can invest in companies at any stage of the business cycle.’
    • ‘No, we'll never get rid of the business cycle but the business cycle is being dealt with much better than it used to be.’
    • ‘There is talk of making the stability pact more adaptable to the business cycle.’
    • ‘This is not to deny the real progress that has served to dampen the business cycle over time.’
    • ‘Ralph Hawtrey's pure monetary theory of the business cycle had widespread impact for many years.’
    • ‘With the change in the business cycle the profit margins are becoming wafer thin or moving into losses.’
    • ‘My suggestion is that people are confusing structural medium term economic trends with the short-term business cycle.’
    • ‘All of this shows how Fed policy works with long lags that vary from business cycle to business cycle.’
    • ‘They see it as only a temporary response to the ups and downs of the business cycle and point to a host of innovations in the tech industry.’
    • ‘Moreover, this is the case irrespective of the phase of the national business cycle at which the national economy finds itself.’
    • ‘This will necessarily alter the dynamics of the business cycle, and hence the possibilities for growth.’
    • ‘In this issue, Anirvan Banerji criticizes the notion floated a few years ago that the business cycle was dead.’
    • ‘How do derivatives affect the business cycle, and thus the course of monetary policy?’
    • ‘The amount of the yield would vary in response to the business cycle.’
    • ‘As a result, few see the business cycle as one of the gravest of our economic ills.’
    • ‘Definitely there are some stages in the business cycle where a well-oiled machine isn't possible.’
    • ‘Higher productivity is perhaps the most enduring legacy of the last business cycle.’
    • ‘Such a perspective fails to distinguish between economic growth and the business cycle.’
    • ‘Many of the adverse contrasts to a traditional business cycle were also technology-related.’
    • ‘But any job creation depends on how the tax cuts are structured and when they kick in during the business cycle.’