Definition of bushtit in English:



  • A small American songbird of the long-tailed tit family, with mainly pale grey plumage and sometimes a black mask.

    Psaltriparus minimus, family Aegithalidae (formerly Paridae); formerly regarded as two species

    • ‘Out of nowhere come groups of tiny gray birds, bushtits maybe, diving into the branches, their wings aflicker, as if they were slightly drunk.’
    • ‘Addicott and Ervin, on the other hand, found that helping behavior in California bushtits was rare.’
    • ‘The chatter comes from the opposite side of the street now; the bushtits have moved house.’
    • ‘I looked to where he was staring, and there was the flock of bushtits, flitting from bloom to bloom.’
    • ‘His research included classic works on quail, bushtits, Mexican and South American thrushes, New World jays, and others.’