Definition of bushranger in English:



  • 1US A person living far from civilization.

    • ‘American bushrangers advocate a long heavy pea-rifle, on the plea of its accurate shooting, and the enormous saving in weight of ammunition when bullets of a small size are used.’
  • 2NZ Australian historical An outlaw living in the bush.

    • ‘The state was humiliated in the 1860s by a spectacular revival of bushranging, when bushrangers for the first time became national heroes, their exploits carried by telegraph and newspaper Australia-wide.’
    • ‘He fell foul of the police at an early age, was befriended by a local bushranger, and at 15 was imprisoned for three years on horse stealing charges.’
    • ‘Like many bushrangers, he was Irish in origin, the son of a father with a lurid, criminal past, and a mother with a fiery temper, a taste for strong liquor and grizzled lovers.’
    • ‘The bushranger was hanged in Melbourne in 1880 after being captured in a shoot-out with police in the small town of Glenrowan, Victoria.’
    • ‘This is no ordinary bushranger, but a man pushed too far, fighting not just for himself but his class.’