Definition of bushrange in English:



[WITH OBJECT]Australian, NZ
  • Hold up and rob people, especially travellers:

    ‘I keep the gear close to me for fear of seeing it bushranged’
    [no object] ‘he fell in with other chaps and began to bushrange seriously’
    • ‘This forced them to venture from their camouflaged dwellings and barren nooks to hunt, fish, and bushrange.’
    • ‘I couldn't bushrange or anything with a clear conscience in the future if I had a thing like this hanging over me.’
    • ‘They could confidently be expected to bushrange in Sydney for a fairly long season.’
    • ‘He bushranges his way to fame and success.’
    • ‘He chose to bushrange and never blamed anybody for driving him to it.’
    rob, commit armed robbery on, make an armed raid on
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Early 19th century: a back-formation from bushranger.