Definition of Bushman's Bible in English:

Bushman's Bible


the Bushman's Bible
  • A nickname for The Bulletin, a Australian literary and political journal with a wide circulation, published between 1880 and 2008.

    ‘his short stories and poems were published mainly in the Bushman's Bible’
    • ‘Cribs were wrapped only in a double sheet of newspaper, usually the old 'bushman's bible.'’
    • ‘Its rural popularity earned it the affectionate name of the 'bushman's Bible.'’
    • ‘It gained the epithet 'the bushman's bible' and ran the motto 'Australia for the Australians' under its masthead.’
    • ‘Known from 1890 as 'the Bushman's Bible', it acted as the bushman's cultural gateway to the world.’
    • ‘Though dubbed 'the Bushman's Bible', it was read by people of all social classes throughout the colonies.’
    • ‘He was himself a contributor to the "bushman's bible."’
    • ‘Even conservative observers, affronted by its vulgarity, acknowledged the pervasive influence of 'the Bushman's Bible'.’
    • ‘It was nicknamed 'the bushman's bible' because it was avidly read around campfires.’
    • ‘With its pink cover and an advertisement for Chateau Tanunda brandy dominating the front page, it still had claims to be the bushman's bible.’
    • ‘The 'Bushman's Bible' was in turn widely read and recited throughout Central Queensland.’