Definition of bushland in English:



mass nounAustralian
  • Wild or uncultivated country.

    ‘166 acres of bushland’
    • ‘She says the insults were received with a degree of shock by the local residents who'd come out in support of their bushland.’
    • ‘Many koalas in our locality can no longer rely on areas of diminishing remnant bushland.’
    • ‘The ridge-top layout of several areas in Sydney provided clear evidence of the value of perimeter roads separating buildings from open bushland.’
    • ‘A resource has been launched to help rural communities retain valuable bushland without economic cost.’
    • ‘The day targets anyone interested in the Land for Wildlife scheme, which encourages land owners to conserve bushland for native wildlife conservation.’
    • ‘To date there has been some 700 hectares of bushland purchased over the last 4 years at a cost of around 7.5 million dollars.’
    • ‘This is a big contrast to the surrounding dry bush land.’
    • ‘Biodiversity is at its highest in good quality bushland.’
    • ‘The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is well known for its bushland.’
    • ‘Kings Park itself is a city park in which lush cultivated landscapes blend with bushland.’
    • ‘The Rainbow Ridge School at Lillian Rock is set amongst some of the most spectacular Australian bushland imaginable.’
    • ‘The amount of remaining vegetation also is variable depending on the amount of remnant bushland within reserves, state forests, or leasehold land.’
    • ‘A British teenager who spent three days lost in bushland in Australia was last night looking forward to a reunion with her family.’
    • ‘The Australian native bushland is full of treasures just waiting to be discovered by keen gardeners.’
    • ‘In fact, unexplained fires started to pop up in bushland all round the town.’
    • ‘The northern Gold Coast facility boasts a four kilometre circuit set on 500 hectares of natural bushland.’
    • ‘The discovery of the outstanding antiseptic powers of tea tree oil is no surprise to those who have traversed the Australian bush lands.’
    • ‘The wildfire affected more than 12 square kilometres of natural bushland, with a number of dangerous situations developing throughout the day.’
    • ‘In New South Wales earlier this year, bushland was being cleared at the rate of more than 500 football fields every day.’
    • ‘About 5000 hectares of bushland south of Kalbarri was burnt on Friday.’