Definition of Bushism in English:



mass noun
  • 1The policies or principles advocated by former US presidents George H. W. Bush or George W. Bush.

    ‘the politics of national opposition to Bushism are exceedingly complex’
    • ‘The central appeal of Bushism is the president's unwavering certainty.’
    • ‘There are a lot of reasons they disagree with Bushism.’
    • ‘Congress wouldn't dare to substantively repeal anything that central to Bushism.’
    • ‘Roughly half the country dissents from Bushism.’
    • ‘By that time the hallmarks of Bushism were already obvious.’
  • 2count noun A verbal error made by and considered characteristic of former US president George W. Bush.

    ‘a brand new Bushism is doing the media rounds’
    • ‘Bushisms like that have provided ammunition for the President's political opponents.’
    • ‘If Bush had said this it would be a banner story and the magazine would have it as a golden Bushism of the Day.’
    • ‘As a campaigner, to use a well-known Bushism, he has always been "misunderestimated".’
    • ‘A classic Bushism was coined on Monday.’
    • ‘The "Bushism" obsession is a bad idea because it seizes on and amplifies the most trivial mis-statements.’