Definition of bushfire brigade in English:

bushfire brigade


  • A volunteer fire-fighting organization.

    ‘bushfire brigades across the state have been told to prepare for the worst’
    • ‘How important do you think it is for the bushfire brigades to be vigilant in keeping an eye out for arsonists in their midst?’
    • ‘Bushfire Brigade members are writing to our community newspaper, claiming that regulations are preventing them from organising any proper hazard reduction.’
    • ‘Others will receive the medal for contributions ranging from long service to rural bushfire brigades, to hospital fundraising and other charity work.’
    • ‘Alice Springs Volunteer Bushfire Brigade will take advantage tonight of the local sittings of Parliament to lobby the Territory Government for a better deal.’
    • ‘Of course we know that the volunteer bushfire brigade will come to our fire whether we come to their breakfast or not.’
    • ‘The Bowling Club is holding an event to raise money for the local bushfire brigade.’
    • ‘My father went out at 5 am this morning with his volunteer bushfire brigade.’
    • ‘Engagement in these voluntary groups produces a direct outcome, for the bushfire brigade - a group that can attend to a fire.’
    • ‘Through my involvement in the bushfire brigade I know she has extended the same support there.’
    • ‘They may dismiss the suggestion that what they do in the local bushfire brigade could be a useful trigger to some more formal learning.’


bushfire brigade

/ˈbʊʃfʌɪə brɪˌɡeɪd/