Definition of bushcraft in English:



mass noun
  • Skill at living in the bush.

    • ‘Mears is currently taking a break from TV work to help teach at his own school of wilderness bushcraft, but promised that he has more books and TV series planned.’
    • ‘This is bushcraft - using ancient knowledge to work as one with nature.’
    • ‘The proficient practitioner of bushcraft anticipates his or her needs before it gets dark.’
    • ‘During the week, the 24 contestants will be divided into teams of six and will learn about basic survival techniques and bushcraft.’
    • ‘The competition tested a range of abilities, including navigation, bushcraft, fitness, observation courses and general military knowledge.’
    • ‘He's the BBC's bushcraft specialist and keeps winding up his programmes by explaining that we have much to learn from whatever ancient tribe he's been with that week.’
    • ‘This weekend I'm going tramping in the Tararuas, learning some bushcraft off-track.’
    • ‘They'll be taught how to make fire and other types of bushcraft.’
    • ‘The walls were covered with posters and diagrams of bushcraft items, like maps, compasses and radios Casey had never seen before.’
    • ‘It was back when we were in cadets and she was learning some of the bushcraft and hiking skills.’
    • ‘Generations of bushcraft knowledge is passed onto children’
    • ‘The other half of the school week is run by the adult Aboriginal students themselves, teaching the white teachers - and others - Aboriginal skills like language, bushcraft, anthropology, traditional practices.’
    • ‘Bushrangers survived by being skilled in bushcraft, but the bush generally did not afford them a living.’