Definition of bushchat in English:



  • An Asian songbird related to the stonechat, the males of which generally have black (or grey) and white plumage.

    Genus Saxicola, family Turdidae: several species

    • ‘We walked there for quite a while and saw various larks, bushchats, and some nilgai antelopes (bluebulls).’
    • ‘In Masafi wadi were 2 rufous bushchats, 3 Upcher's warblers, a male Orphean warbler, 3 male rock thrushes and 5 yellow-vented bulbuls.’
    • ‘There is no ‘family book’ for the Muscicapidae as a whole, but Urquhart & Bowley cover the 16 stonechats and bushchats in the genus Saxicola very thoroughly.’
    • ‘These grasslands are the habitat of the endangered Indian bustard, white-naped tit, stolickza's bushchat, and other birds.’