Definition of bush sickness in English:

bush sickness


mass noun
  • A deficiency disease of animals caused by a lack of cobalt in the soil (and hence in the diet).

    • ‘Once it was proved that bush sickness was not a contagious disease he deduced that it was probably traceable to a mineral deficiency in the animal's feed.’
    • ‘It is in the spring and early summer that bush sickness is prevalent.’
    • ‘The Taupo soils were found liable to develop an anemia (bush sickness) but this has been mastered by the Agriculture Department through the use of cobalt first applied through licks and later through topdressing.’
    • ‘Two members of the Soil Survey showed that bush sickness was associated with some but not all of the pumice showers concerned in the soil formation of the central volcanic area of the North Island.’
    • ‘The bush sickness came after native bush was felled, left to dry, then burned with no manure used to ward off the disease.’