Definition of bush rat in English:

bush rat


NZ, Australian
  • Any of several rat-sized native marsupials and rodents.

    ‘some kind of bush rat crept out on to the trail and started nosing around’
    • ‘These are bush rats who used to be part of a major mainland population now isolated as tiny populations.’
    • ‘A bush rat looks very much like an introduced rat except they have a shorter tail, they can be fluffier, not as aggressive when you catch them and they have a very unique smell.’
    • ‘Deny's precise data contributed substantially to knowledge of bush rats, pygmy possums, and other small creatures which shared his home.’
    • ‘So when he joined the television circus of I'm A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here, many predicted that it wasn't just the bush rats nesting near the camp that were in for a rude shock.’
    • ‘How they would go in competition is another thing with other bush rats from other places, but in terms of their apparent fertility, their apparent appearance, they're quite healthy animals.’
    • ‘Would a dinner of roast bush rat give you a case of the Terminal Aztec Two-Step?’
    • ‘Fourteen islands off the coast of South Australia have provided a natural laboratory for research into genetic diversity among bush rats cut off from mainland populations.’
    • ‘Small mammals such as bush rats and marsupial carnivores survived the fires by hiding under boulders and in damp rock crevasses.’
    • ‘He was pretty good with the spear gun on the bush rats too.’
    • ‘The bush rat study has been going now for about ten years.’