Definition of bush name in English:

bush name


  • 1Australian A popular name for something, such as an animal, plant, or landscape feature:

    ‘a 'lugga' is the bush name for a watercourse which drains storm water from the surrounding high land’
    • ‘It was a bush name for a cattle pirate.’
    • ‘They crossed a 'lugga', the bush name for a water course which drains storm water from the surrounding high land.’
    • ‘The teaching rocks are a bush name for a site officially designated the Peterborough Petroglyphs.’
    • ‘It's a bush name for the slouch-hat.’
    • ‘Traps was a bush name for police.’
  • 2An Aboriginal person's traditional name:

    ‘missionaries started adapting bush names into surnames’
    • ‘They give the deceased's name, bushname and dates of birth and death, often with a dedication composed by the family.’
    • ‘In most situations people are referred to using 'bush-names'.’
    • ‘A parent may address their child with their bush name.’
    • ‘I have decided upon a bush name for you.’
    • ‘A Kpelle man may call his wife by either name; but a wife may call her husband only by his Bush name.’
    • ‘Her first bush name reflects important supernatural associations with her country, while her other bush name is essentially a nickname.’
    • ‘My real name, bush name, is Guyprulawuy.’
    • ‘My bushname is Mungala and my totem is the janggao.’
    • ‘I was assigned the bush name a-Yakibijirna, a female name associated with the country of Manankurra.’
    • ‘Gardiya names are usually not considered to be as personal as traditional 'bush-names'.’