Definition of bush food in English:

bush food


mass nounAustralian
  • Food from plants and animals native to the Australian outback.

    ‘this week we learn about bush food and desert living’
    Also called bush tucker
    count noun ‘there has also been a renewed interest in bush foods’
    • ‘The development of bush foods is such a growth area.’
    • ‘The impact is a loss of bush foods as well as less water for stock.’
    • ‘Bush food is enormously successful on the export market, with London supermarkets stocking entire shelves with everything from wattle seed to native limes.’
    • ‘These so-called bush foods were once found only in outback towns like Alice Springs, where tourists might try a bit of native tucker.’
    • ‘Let's have a look at some of the bush foods.’
    • ‘A second bush foods project, awaiting board approval at the end of August, has a clear commercial focus.’
    • ‘For the first time Bundjalung men will teach hunting and bush food knowledge.’
    • ‘They can show tourists, or they can go out themselves and collect the bush food.’
    • ‘I'm interested to have a look at the indigenous gardens and the bush foods.’
    • ‘The menus may have to change until rain brings relief to the orchardists specialising in bush foods.’