Definition of bush cure in English:

bush cure


  • A traditional remedy, typically one of Aboriginal origin.

    ‘they regarded European medication as a poor substitute for bush cures’
    • ‘When one old prospector became ill with beri-beri, she gave him the bush cure — liquid from boiled cabbage, roots and all.’
    • ‘It is a disease for which no medical or local bush cures exist.’
    • ‘So complete is the bush cure that the Melbourne doctor says the child could safely be returned to the city.’
    • ‘He was unabashed, asking people to recommend a bush cure for this or that ailment.’
    • ‘The Moca-Moca plant is a well known bush cure.’
    • ‘One of my first teachers of bush cures was a five-year-old girl.’
    • ‘This is an A1 bush cure for sickness.’
    • ‘A bush-cure comes in handy when someone feels crook.’
    • ‘It was an old bush cure for anything short of broken limbs.’
    • ‘As a result, many Maori remedies or 'bush cures' have arisen.’