Definition of Bush Brotherhood in English:

Bush Brotherhood


the Bush Brotherhood
  • An Anglican missionary organisation established to provide ministry in remote areas.

    ‘he came to the Church of England through the Bush Brotherhood’
    • ‘His unashamed love of one-man rule was reminiscent of many of his contemporaries in Australia in the Bush Brotherhood.’
    • ‘He is of opinion that the Bush Brotherhood of North Queensland "is a revival of the order of Austin Canons which did so much for England in the twelfth century".’
    • ‘After a North London curacy he joined a Bush Brotherhood in Australia.’
    • ‘The well-known Anglican Brotherhood of St Laurence was formed in 1930, but was never a Bush Brotherhood.’
    • ‘We of the Bush Brotherhood spend a lot of time in the bush and worshipping outdoors.’
    • ‘The Bush Brotherhood covered a vast area and the brother won the regard and affection of everyone he met.’
    • ‘He wrote a history of the Bush Brotherhood Movement in the outback of Australia.’
    • ‘He moved to Australia to join a Bush Brotherhood in Queensland.’
    • ‘She compared the work of Bush Church Aid with that of the Bush Brotherhood.’
    • ‘After Oxford, he devoted a little over a decade to the Bush Brotherhood.’