Definition of burying beetle in English:

burying beetle


  • A black beetle, typically with broad orange bands on its wing cases, which buries small animal carcasses to provide a food store for its larvae.

    Nicrophorus and other genera, family Silphidae

    Also called sexton beetle
    • ‘Each of the black pots contains a rotting quail carcass covered in soil and swarming with the larvae of American burying beetles.’
    • ‘Even insect larvae try to get adult attention; immature burying beetles gesticulate at their parents to earn a helping of regurgitated, rotten meat.’
    • ‘Our work and Suzuki's also suggest that searching burying beetles can respond to the presence of congeners, irrespective of pheromone emission.’
    • ‘There are isolated examples in nature: the American burying beetle watches its larvae, and male fish do the majority of egg guarding and cleaning.’
    • ‘Dental floss was tied to a stake at one end and to the hind leg of the carcass at the other to facilitate locating the carcass after displacement by burying beetles.’