Definition of bury the hatchet in English:

bury the hatchet


  • End a quarrel or conflict and become friendly.

    • ‘Sounds like the hatchet has been well and truly buried - the question, though, is between whose shoulder blades?’
    • ‘It is time for the IHF and the coach to bury their hatchets and make their peace with Dhanraj Pillai.’
    • ‘Bury the hatchet? How very boring. The art of feuding is in a sorry state.’
    • ‘That means that Dainty must find a more congenial way to bury all hatchets and bring all disputing parties to the same table; if he cannot or will not do that, his days of leadership of US cricket would seem to be numbered.’
    • ‘Leading tech competitors bury the hatchet to improve energy efficiency.’
    pardon, forgive, grant an amnesty to, amnesty
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