Definition of burthensome in English:



  • See burthen

    • ‘In the old world, how many millions of men do we behold, unprofitable to society, burthensome to industry, the props of establishments that deserve not to be supported, the causes of distrust in the times of peace, - and the instruments of destruction in the times of war?’
    • ‘War, in its best estate, never fails to impose upon the people the most burthensome taxes, and personal sufferings.’
    • ‘It must be remembered, that the Government expended capital for years before any return was obtained; and if they now derive a large revenue, it is in a way which is far less burthensome, and far more beneficial to the people, than any tax that could be levied.’
    • ‘The security must not exceed what is due from the debtor, nor be contracted under conditions more burthensome.’
    • ‘Behold now the third time I am ready to come to you and I will not be burthensome unto you.’