Definition of burp gun in English:

burp gun


  • A lightweight sub-machine gun.

    • ‘Others brought in burp guns and ammo belts - six connected pouches holding two magazines each.’
    • ‘Russian soldiers patrolled each platform en route and rapped on the windows with their ‘burp guns’ if we lifted the blinds.’
    • ‘He was about to reach the hatch when a hand stuck itself onto the hatch and was followed by a German with a burp gun.’
    • ‘He was armed with a Soviet PPSh 41 7.62 mm sub-machinegun, commonly referred to as a burp gun because of the sound it made when fired.’
    • ‘While most carried the highly lethal burp guns (Thompson and Marlin submachine guns) slung around their necks, some carried ancient muzzle-loading, fowling pieces.’