Definition of burnt umber in English:

burnt umber


mass noun
  • 1A deep brown pigment made by calcining raw umber.

    • ‘Add 0.4g burnt umber and 0.2g Indian yellow to a mortar, and then add 10 ml gum.’
    • ‘This specification covers the pigments commercially known as raw umber and burnt umber.’
    • ‘She had that psychotic grin on her face, yellow eyes all ablaze as knots of burnt umber threads fell over her shoulders and face, arms spread wide as she sat in that metal seat.’
    1. 1.1 A deep brown colour.
      • ‘A huge area, that I bet can be seen from space, it's a burnt umber and sienna mix with an attractive pattern in the centre.’
      • ‘Through the water he could see layers of other leaves that had earlier sunk to the bottom, arranging themselves in shaded and mottled patterns of burnt umber and sienna.’
      • ‘Additional details are painted with an earth-toned palette of clay red, burnt umber, yellow ocher, and black.’
      • ‘The next step is to paint some winter weeds around her, and put a nice wet wash of burnt umber and cobalt blue over the wet ground of her body.’
      • ‘To find it you have to veer through a narrow alleyway shaded by walls of burnt umber, and passing through a gate, walk down a jasmine lined path to reach the room which doubles as reception.’


burnt umber

/bəːnt ˈʌmbə/