Definition of burnt sienna in English:

burnt sienna


mass noun
  • 1A deep reddish-brown pigment made by calcining raw sienna.

    • ‘Like a tube of oil paint: if I buy a tube of burnt sienna, burnt sienna has to be in that tube.’
    • ‘At the very least I am living proof that turpentine, cadmium red, burnt sienna, Venetian red et al are not carcinogenic.’
    • ‘By glazing and layering burnt sienna and ochers, Hansen creates a rich depth and earthly warmth that keep her paintings evocative without crossing the line to the ethereal.’
    • ‘Burnt umber, terre verte, red ochre, red lake and burnt sienna were identified in several places.’
    1. 1.1 A deep reddish-brown colour.
      • ‘She was perfection, in brushed metal tones of silver and burnt sienna.’
      • ‘While her colour palette was mainly black, white and ivory, her decision to add burnt sienna, cherry blossom and apricot was particularly effective.’
      • ‘The bold combination of teal and burnt sienna tonings impact strongly on the décor although I was relieved to hear the chairs and glittery tables were only temporary.’
      • ‘Here the exploding greens and oranges of the mid-1990s have given way to burnt sienna and more pregnant-reds - colours that are more meditative, deeper, and emotionally resonant.’
      • ‘With skin tone colors of apricot, tan, sepia, mahogany, salmon, raw sienna, and burnt sienna, white was used primarily to alter shades and create a layered tint.’
      • ‘From a distance the viewer is confronted with a burnt sienna cube the size of a large hut, the exterior of which is theatrically lit by two spotlights.’
      • ‘Muscles ripple over his burnt sienna body as do many scars.’
      • ‘Well, can you remember that mysterious color - burnt sienna - that was never brown enough for trees, and never really orange enough for flowers?’
      • ‘Raising the chip to my anticipating lip, I braced myself for some hot stuff, but the burnt sienna dip, most likely whipped up on the premises, wasn't nearly as spiced up as it could have been.’
      • ‘He wore thick rimmed spectacles, and even in the dim lighting David could see that he was sunburnt till his skin was the same shade as his burnt sienna hair.’
      hazel, chocolate-coloured, coffee-coloured, cocoa-coloured, nut-brown
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burnt sienna

/ˌbəːnt sɪˈɛnə/